OH SH*T! You just learned something.



Dear America,

(If you’re one of those “Americans” who verbally tongue-bathes Obama but can’t tell me where he actually WAS while Benghazi was taking place (he was watching it live) you might want to sit down for this.)

There is no war on women going on.

Did she just go against CNN?! 

Yeah, I did. And I will again when I say that if we had a Rupee (an Indian currency worth 0.017 of a US Dollar) for every time our “leader” has lied to America, the defecit (the debt America is in) would be paid off.

But seriously, though. There is no war. And to prove that, I did a bit of research:

In America, Women can have any license they want..

The Washington Post reported that women can’t drive in Saudi Arabia..

“With Saudi Arabian women behind the wheel since Saturday to protest their country’s refusal to grant driver’s licenses to women, they’re challenging not only long-standing restriction, but also a the larger system of Saudi Arabian gender-based laws, some of the harshest in the world.”

I bet you didn’t know that they aren’t allowed to vote there either..

Saudi Arabia and Vatican City: Women can’t vote… still. This is amazingly the case in Saudi Arabia, though a royal decree, issued in 2011, will let women vote in Saudi elections in 2015. Vatican City is the only other country that allows men, but not women, to vote.


Well here in America, a woman has every single right that a man has, and more. Think about it.

what does she mean and more?!

Women are allowed free health care (paid for by the state), along with their children, but men aren’t.

Women are also allowed more money for a loan and a higher rate at which to borrow it when applying for a small business loan.  (67% of businesses opened in the last 10 years were owned by men but the loan was in their wife or mother’s name)

Women can be CEOs, we can be Astronauts, Firefighters, Police Officers, Mail..ladies.

We can carry weapons. We can choose who we marry. We can name our children whatever lame, obnoxious name we come up with.

(North West?!)

All we have to do is say a man made a comment about our boobs at work and the man is fired for sexual harassmen, pending an investigation.

There are laws, solely to keep us safe. (Violence Against Women Act)

The Violence Against Women Act was developed and passed as a result of extensive grassroots efforts in the late 80’s and early 1990s, with advocates and professionals from the battered women’s movement, sexual assault advocates, victim services field, law enforcement agencies, prosecutors’ offices, the courts, and the private bar urging Congress to adopt significant legislation to address domestic and sexual violence

We have laws about breastfeeding in public, laws protecting us and our kids from abusive fathers and domestic violence.


Women are powerful in America.


So why start now?

I truly believe that a woman would make an awesome president.

Many countries would get silent treatments, and once a month for 5-7 days, she may even threaten to bomb them…

But can we actually pick which woman? and not the first one to run for president? 

Bottom Line:

There simply isn’t a war on women going on.

So why is the Media trying to create one?

To get a woman president elected?


To get a PARTICULAR woman elected.

A particular woman who was responsible for this:

The January 15, 2014 release of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on Benghazi confirms what hundreds of hours of research, inquiry, and conversation revealed to me and many other Americans the following:

1. The September 11, 2012 attack could have been prevented.

2. Secretary of State Clinton did not do an appropriate risk assessment for Ambassador Stevens and other outpost personnel.

3. Al Qaeda was directly involved in the detailed planing and execution of the attack.

4. President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both knew it was a terrorist attack on the evening of September 11, 2012.

5. A lie was manufactured and perpetuated as they repeatedly blamed an anti-Islamic video as the impetus of the attack.


Come on now. I know you have brains Americans. Use them!

If she lied MULTIPLE times about Benghazi, what part of her campaign would you believe?


So far, the “War on Women” part isn’t exactly panning out.

By Micayla